First Activities Form – Fruits and Learnings

On this page describe in writing the fruits and learnings realized through this discernment process.

9 responses to “First Activities Form – Fruits and Learnings”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Deeper understanding of the authority of scripture and our beliefs as Christians

  2. Scott Avatar

    test comment 2

  3. Scott Avatar

    Learned more about the BOD and UMC church

  4. Janet Wellman Avatar
    Janet Wellman

    I have learned that the bishops are not following the book of BOD and have become very liberal
    in many of their issues. It’s almost like in some instances that I have read they are using scare tactics
    to keep churches in the UMC.

  5. Matt Avatar

    I am enjoying learning more about the BOD and the UMC structure. This discerment process is taking me on a journey of personal belief. I’m still learning about the history of the UMC. I feel this process is helping me grow spiritually along with teaching me about the operations of the UMC, while also, enlightening me about many of the current issues affecting our church.

  6. Maria Avatar

    I have learned that the church seems to be heading towards a “worldly culture” vs a “Jesus culture.” I have enjoyed learning about the history of the UMC along with the logistics, governance, and structure of the denomination.

  7. Sue Niemeyer Avatar
    Sue Niemeyer

    I’ve learned about the six different Wesleyan Methodist Denominations and how they compare to each other.
    I’m learning more about the discernment process and how it works.

  8. Penny A Cox Avatar
    Penny A Cox

    This entire process is teaching me things and has brought me to a different route in my life of learning and concern for the future for following Christ and his teachings our church and our families.
    It has taught me more about the BOD and how our UMC structure is changing. The structure is not totally 100% going by the BOD and God’s word.

  9. Dave & Shirley Bryenton Avatar
    Dave & Shirley Bryenton

    This has shown us that the Book of Discipline was not being followed and upheld by certain officials in the UMC.
    We knew the church had paid our church properties in full, but did not realize it was in a trust and we could not get a deed without paying for it again.

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