UMC Process

Due to recent action taken during The West Ohio Conference and news about the possibility of a United Methodist Church split your Administrative Board formed a discernment committee to investigate and help you stay in touch with current issues and discussions.

Town Meeting Schedule

As part of our discernment process we have scheduled town hall meetings to share information on both sides of the UMC concerns. Each meeting will have a time for questions and answers. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

  1. Sun, April 30 after worship service
    • YouTube Video
      • Review discernment process, survey results and next steps.
  2. Sun, May 7 6:00PM – Why Stay UMC?
    • Video recording of the meeting is available to our church family on request. Email for details.
      • Guest speaker is Pastor Barry Burns from Maumee United Methodist Church. Barry is an elder in the UMC and our former District Superintendent.
  3. Sun, May 21 6:00PM – Why Leave UMC?
    • Video recording of the meeting is available to our church family on request. Email for details.
      • Guest speaker is Pastor Greg Stover from the Global Methodist Church. Greg is Director of the Wesleyan House of Study and Dean of the GMC Presiding Elder Cabinet. Greg is also a former UMC Pastor and District Superintendent.

Informational Resources

We are reading many quotes and comments from people who have opinions about the situation.  Some of them are constructive, but in some cases they are wide of the mark.  To help us reach our own conclusions, the below links are some videos and articles reflecting on both sides of the issues

Perspective: Why Stay UMC?

Pastor Adam Hamilton video series:

  1. Why UMC?
  2. Love of Scripture
  3. Committed to Christ
  4. Human Sexuality
  5. A Future with Hope
  6. Moving Forward with the UMC

* Adam Hamilton is the Lead Pastor at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas and is a leading proponent for UMC churches remaining UMC.

Other Resources:

Other Videos:

Mailings and Bulletin Inserts:

What are your thoughts?

We created the below email address for you to ask questions to share your thoughts. You the author of your email will be kept confidential. You may authorize us to use your identity if you wish. Your question and the response may be used in future communications of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Please submit your questions to:

New Knoxville United Methodist Church
109 South Main Street
P.O. Box 119
New Knoxville, Ohio 45871

phone: (419) 753-2427